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In 2010 after a year of crisis, I (Alexander Keur) was in a church on Christmas Eve I would not normally go to. Here the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God was celebrated. I had hardly any knowledge of the Bible, church or christian tradition and I had my questions and prejudice. But this Jesus started speaking to my mind and feelings, and step by step he started to change me on the inside. This brought me inner peace, patience, rest, happines, love for others and myself. My years of looking for the meaning of life had ended and started and at the same time. I had no idea where I could go to with my newly found focus in life. There is so much on the Internet, so many different churches and organisations. Who can I turn to, to help me grow further?

After well over 10 years my life has changed completely. This is my story. I didn’t want to keep it for myself, but share it with you. It turned out there were many more who cannot stop talking about Jesus. So as a group of enthousiastic Jesus followers, we started this Jesus Today initiative.

Alexander Keur


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